How to Declutter Your Home Fast Checklist

A Checklist To Help You Declutter Your Home Fast

Decluttered homes are easier to sell. People seeking to buy a home imagine themselves living in the houses they visit. A cluttered space isn’t the ideal environment to live in, so these potential buyers won’t be so prone to falling in love with this home at first sight. If you want to sell your home, you should do your best to clean it and declutter your home to remove all of your personal items and junk. The following checklist will hopefully help you do this in a fast and effective manner.

Choose The Best Method To Organize Your Home

There are two methods to get rid of your junk:

  • to tackle one room at a time
  • to get rid of one type of junk at a time.

If you choose the room by room method, start with the easiest ones. This will allow you to keep your motivation up, as you’ll be able to see results early in the process. Some people prefer to tackle the most difficult jobs right off the bat, as this enables them to progress much faster by the end of the decluttering process, when they will already be exhausted and bored.

In fact, Marie Kondo recommends handling one type of junks at a time, rather than moving from one room to another until we clean the entire home. This means that you decide, for instance, to put all paperwork in order to start with. You’ll need to remove all paper junk from all the rooms of your house. Once you get rid of all those old documents, user manuals, stationery, receipts, and bills you no longer need, you can proceed to the next step, which is to get rid of other types of junk. You can prioritize as you wish. If you feel more comfortable to start with your clothes, do it, by all means. The main point is to put together a list of all types of clutter you’ll want to address, make a plan, and then stick to it until you finish the job.

Create Several Categories Of Junk

Some of your old and unnecessary items will still make other people’s fortunes. Don’t throw them away, but rather sell them instead. Organize a garage sale to get rid of all these things that are still good. This will be easier to do if you use categories to sort your junk from the very beginning. Put all clothes, home appliances, tools, and other such stuff in two piles: to do to the garbage, and to go to the garage sale.

Remember that real estate agents are on your side. Nevertheless, they need your help to sell your home fast, so make sure you do your best to get rid of all the clutter before showing your house to potential buyers. Getting organized from the start will help you do this without too much stress and in a short period. Keep in mind that you should make sure you don’t allow your home to clutter again before you find a buyer.

If you need to sell quickly and you do not want to deal with decluttering the property, listing it on the market, doing repairs, or hiring a Realtor and closing costs. Then your best option is to sell it to a cash home buyer who will buy it as is. You can get started today by filling out the property information form on this Dallas, TX house buyers website

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